3.2 Ranger – Peter


    Dear Matt – I thought you may be interested in some feedback. Given the cost of dyno tuning it was a bit of a punt to commit to a tune hoping that the issues I have seen would be fixed.

    1. Fuel consumption: Last week on the same 300 km trip as I did yesterday I used 28% more fuel! i.e. – last week I was using 28% more than this week.

    That is nothing less than outstanding. I did a 300 km trip yesterday and achieved 9.7 l/100 km. I do this trip regularly and would normally use12.5 l/100 km, and even when new have never used less than 12 l/100 km – the tune is a 28% improvement. From new the car has never achieved less than 12 l/100 km on any trip. If this economy is indicative of things to come the cost of the tune will be paid back in less than a year!

    2. From the checking I have done there is no puffing of unburnt fuel,

    3. When accelerating through the rev range the car had flat spots and vibrations. In the range 2600 – 3000 rpm there were very harsh vibrations. Post tune the engine is smooth and consistent. The harshness at higher revs has disappeared.

    4. From the comparison dyno graphs for a 3.2l Ranger my car looks to be considerably down on power prior to the tune. The ambient air sensor was a long way out of calibration and I suspect that the ambient air pressure sensor is also out of calibration, but do not have the instruments to check it, and who knows what other sensors are out. I guess that the tune has highlighted to me that the dyno tune is a great way to bring the engine up to spec irrespective of what the calibrations is on the sensors as it literally tunes out the errors. Especially unbelievable is the increase in fuel economy – the economy figures are now in the band that Ford state in the literature – I have never seen this fuel economy.

    So thanks for the tune – well worth it.

    Regards, Peter 3.2 Ranger