Benefits of DTA Remapping


    No engine trickery – ECU remapping is the process of re-writing the ‘tune’ parameters in the vehicles factory Engine Control Unit or ECU. The process takes place on a dynamometer (rolling road), this allows our technician to see exactly what the engine is doing and alter these ‘tune’ parameters accordingly to ensure the maximum in reliability and effectiveness. This leaves the ECU in charge as its making all the calls, by contrast, all aftermarket ‘chips’, ‘modules’ or ‘piggy back ECU’s’ either trick the ECU by sending false information to make the ECU alter its output signals to the engine or, they go behind its back to alter the output signals sent by the ECU to the engine. In both cases, the ECU does not know what the engine is actually doing and is ultimately not in control of the engine! In the case of worn or failed sensor, the ECU could be misled into prematurely illuminating the check engine light (CEL), or worse putting the vehicle into limp mode (NO POWER) or not illuminating the CEL at all!

    No black boxes – By remapping the vehicles factory ECU we do not need to add, alter or cut anything under the bonnet, it stays like its maker intended!  What this means to you is that there are no stray aftermarket ‘black boxes’ bumping away in your engine bay, ready and willing to ingest water and dust when you least expect it! Additionally, those ‘black boxes’ are wired into your engine and in a lot of cases, the wiring plugs used are not of automotive standards and can be prone to come loose and / or allow the ingress of moisture and other contaminants into your expensive sensors. In some cases wiring needs to be cut to install these devices, leaving a permanent scare under the bonnet and points where addition faults may arise.

    Easy reversal & diagnostics – ECU remapping by Diesel Tune Australia retains all of the ECU’s in-built safety features and is easily reversed or over written if need be, this can be done by the vehicle manufacturer or a DTA dealer in your state. Diagnostics is also as per factory procedure and all factory and after market servicing / diagnostic scan tools will still connect, read and talk to the factory ECU after the tune has taken place. DTA retains a copy of the performance tune file so if the tune file is over written inadvertently or on purpose in a diagnostics procedure, an easy upload of your tune file can be performed by any DTA dealer and in most cases it’s free.

    Safe & reliable – ECU remapping by Diesel Tune Australia gives the greatest effective result without risking your expensive common rail engine. We have a set of tuning guidelines in place that ensures we do not exceed predetermined SAFE air / fuel ratio & boost level parameters, in some cases the air/fuel ratio is the same as standard. This guideline is in place to provide you with the safest and most reliable result and instead of chasing a desired power figure, we tune your engine to these SAFE parameters and the increased power is a result of that. The last thing you the customer, and us the service provider need, is a break down. Additionally, each car is given a thorough health check on the dyno prior to tuning and as each car is individually tuned on the dyno, the final outcome has been scrutinised and road tested prior to being returned to the customer.

    Vastly superior result – By remapping the vehicles factory ECU, we are able to alter a myriad of different parameters to meet the customer’s needs, things like throttle mapping (throttle response), turbocharger boost pressure, fuel injector duty cycle, fuel rail pressure, torque management, EGR control, turbo wastegate control just to name a few… This is something no ‘chip’, ‘diesel module’ or ‘piggy back ECU’ can claim. By having access to all of these parameters and more, we can deliver a far superior driving experience with far safer air/fuel ratios, exhaust gas temperatures and boost limits.

    Value for money – ECU remapping by Diesel Tune Australia is priced very competitively and is cheaper than most of our competitors, in fact, in some cases its less than half the price of a ’quality’ chip! Each vehicle is dyno tuned by our DTA dealer and a before and after dyno graph is supplied, we back up all of this with a 90 day satisfaction guarantee, a 12 month warranty on our workmanship and a lifetime warranty on the tune file and when you throw in all of the advantages ECU remapping  has to offer, you simply cannot beat DTA!