Ranger – DTA Tuned by Gentech(ACT) – Scott


    Hi Marcus,

    Well, yes you were right the difference coming back up the clyde was amazing. No longer did i have to change gears 50 times or drop back to second most of the time i was in 4th or 5th was almost like an auto with very few gear changes, in fact at one stage going up a steep incline i changed back into 5th gear as it didn’t need the lower gear.

    Fuel economy was also much better, up and down the hill. Including the highway driving i estimate I will easily get an extra 100k’s per tank. Around town is also a little better.

    The car just seems to have woken up and is not sluggish like it was before which makes it so much easier to drive.

    Thanks again for your teams work so far, it is great, and i am glad i went ahead with the remap and based on the result would recommend the investment to others