BT 50 – Frank


    Hi Matt, arrived in Darwin 3 days ago bt50 towed 3.1 ton caravan last year (before ecu remap)i used 18l/100kms this year (after remap) 16.5l/100 that is not by the trip meter it is at the bowser total litres by total kms i find the trip computer as not accurate the re map and tune was worth $1195 my engine oil is as clean as 9000k,s ago i have to use a tissue paper so i can see the level on the dipstick not towing i used to use about 11l/100 country driving now its around 9.5l/100 if i push it a little hard(p.s. i am 65 years old) it does wheelspin when driving in the wet it will even spin in 3rd gear if i floor it (just did it once i am definitely not a revhead any more) i should not have waited until my car had reached 50,000 k,s i should have done it when i drove it out of the dealership now its a completely different car to drive no lag very responsive the auto gearbox works effortlessly cheers frank