My 2009 GU Nissan Patrol, three litre Common Rail Diesel (CRD) engine was initially fitted with an aftermarket power chip. I was happy with it, pretty much from day one as i got some good results.

    Since Diesel Tune Australia (DTA) flash tuned my Patrol on the Dyno back in September 2016, the improved results are staggering.

    Firstly (DTA) placed the vehicle on the dyno rollers and removed the aftermarket power chip – yep, they removed the chip – then the service technician tuned the engine by reprograming the genuine factory computer.

    The engine now operates under safer working limits and vastly improves the 3 litre (CRD) performance. This is evidenced by reduced exhaust gas temperatures (EGT’s) which have drop 80 to 100 degrees at 100kph. That’s a huge reduction and very welcome as excessively high (EGT’s) are one of the main destroyers of any diesel engine. Cruising on the freeway blacktop the (EGT’s) are down around the low to mid 300 Degrees Celsius mark. My (CRD) engine would not have experienced these low temperatures even when it was brand new. Overtaking cars on the bitumen is now so much easier. I am also finding that I’m not having to reduce speed while travelling up hills, or dropping down as many gears in order to maintain the (EGT’s) within safe working limits.

    Prior to the (DTA) flash tune, when accelerating in second gear, the engine had an annoying habit of surging but now, the acceleration is smooth and continual. The motor is also much more responsive in all of the gear ranges, and exceptionally good while four-wheel driving, off road.

    The increased power that the Patrol now has, makes me liken it to a well bred stock horse, the more I ask of it, the more it gives me. Thanks to (DTA) my 2009 GU Nissan Patrol, with its three litre Common Rail Diesel engine, is now an absolute pleasure to drive.

    Check out the dyno figures after the flash tune on my Patrol, the results speak for themselves.

    If you have a (CRD) engine in your vehicle and are looking at options to improve its performance, I would strongly advise chatting with the boys from Diesel Tune Australia before going down the road of installing an aftermarket power chip.

    (DTA) are located Nationally around the country. Check them out on Facebook or jump on their website for location details.

    Diesel Tune Australia is a company who is very experienced and is leading the way in flash tuning technology.

    To back up the quality of their workmanship, Diesel Tune Australia offers a 90 day money back guarantee that, you will be happy with the work that they perform.

    Now that’s a company backing what they do.

    Tim Bates