Diesel Tune Australia can also supply and fit a crankcase breather Catch Can to help protect your engine.We use and recommend the Flashlube Catch Can Pro which is a premium oil fume filter that protects your engine by filtering out damaging oil mist and condensation from the air entering the inlet passage that will eventually lead to a buildup of carbon and clog the intake manifold and intercooler, resulting in loss of power, fuel economy and can consequently lead to expensive engine damage.The Catch Can Pro needs only minor periodical maintenance, say once every couple of months to empty any oil build up out of it which can be done easily as it is fitted with a drain cock.This unit is designed with unique safety valves, to ensure its installation will not over pressurise the engine and is compact in size at 146mm high x 116mm wide x 137mm deep for simple installation into even the tightest of spaces in your engine bay.

Benefits Include:

# Maintains Vehicle power & efficiency.
# Reduces carbon build up in inlet manifold.
# Stops Intercooler contamination.
# Reduces corrosion of turbo bearings.
# Ensures cleaner air is delivered to the engine.
# keeps Sensors clean.

Features Include:

# Pressure relief valve.
# Vacuum relief valve.
# Replaceable filter element.
# Large 19mm inlet & outlet ports.
# Small size to fit in compact engine bays.
# Rotating head to assist fitment
Cost – From $395 Installed – Installation time around 1 Hr