Product Code: #200 SERIES 4.5L | TCM REMAP
Install Time: 1 Day
Model Compatibility: Landcruiser 2007-2018 200 SERIES 4.5L
Note: This product can only be fitted at Diesel Tune Australia



We are now able to tune the automatic transmission for Toyota 200 series Landcruisers.

We are now able to alter torque converter lock up / disengage points to help deliver more constant lock as well as engaging lock up in 5th gear at 80kph in the earlier 200 series. Not only does this offer much improved drive-ability & economy but it also helps to lower auto trans oil temperatures which just by itself is a major advantage. We are also able to alter shift points and pressures.

The torque converter lock up has long been a big issue for 200 series owners, now you can have this working perfectly and automatically without the addition of black box trickery, extra switches and wiring.

This service is available by itself or with our custom ECU Flash dyno tuning.

PLEASE NOTE : Diesel Tune Australia (DTA) or The Horsepower Factory (HPF) has no affiliation with Toyota and service offered by our company may impact on your vehicle manufacturer warranty as well as the fuel efficiency and emissions of your vehicle.

Package Includes

1 x Custom Transmission TCM reprogram

Key Features

  • The transmission in the 200 series has long been criticised for not allowing the selection of 6th gear until well over 100kph, we can remap the transmission TCM to rectify this.
  • Engagement of torque convertor lock-up clutch in 5th gear at 80kph – lowers engine RPM by 500rpm
  • Allows automatic selection of 6th gear at 100kph
  • Engagement of torque convertor lock-up clutch in 6th gear at 100kph – lowers engine RPM by 500rpm


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